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Game Codes
Many games have special codes built into them in order to help the debuggers during testing. Usually these codes are not removed from the source code when the games ship. These codes are often called "cheat" codes because presumably by using them one is "cheating" the normal rules that apply to the game.

Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic Hyper Lander 2 Classic
Hyper Lander has a few game codes left over from testing. To access the code menu press "U" during game play.

A text dialog will appear and the game will pause. From here you can enter a game code. The codes we know of are outlined below.

Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic Game Codes for Hyper Lander
The codes I have found are GHOST, SOGGLE, FOGGLE, and FILLERUP.

- GHOST will allow you to fly through walls without crashing.

- SOGGLE appears to turn off the shield so that when you do collide with something the shield is NOT damaged any.

Game Codes - Continued
- FOGGLE is along the same lines as SOGGLE only with the fuel. Usually when you fire the thrusters you deplete your ships fuel but FOGGLE will prevent the fuel from depleting.

- FILLERUP will cause the fuel tanks to be filled back up completely.

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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic